About Gevers Wealth Management, LLC

Our purpose is to help our clients retire successfully, and enjoy abundance during their post-work life. We can serve as our client's CFO – the family’s Chief Financial Officer. We help create and implement a plan to a successful retirement, and also provide information, advice and counsel to enable wise decision making for the complex finance issues of an executive’s financial life.

Investment & Wealth Management Services for Executives

Retirement Planning for Highly Compensated Executives

We have worked closely with corporate executives for over 20 years helping them work towards a successful retirement, and have developed a specialty in the retirement planning needs and financial challenges of the highly-compensated executive. Our clients are often in technology and may have significant stock based compensation plans.

Investment Management

We work individually and personally with each client to help design a portfolio that has the goal of providing dependable retirement income, future protection against loss of purchasing power through inflation, and a tolerable level of volatility/principal risk. We may use a broadly diversified allocation plan using many different types of assets to try and achieve that goal. We utilize a world class technology platform and institutional indexes and managers. More about our Investment Philosophy.

Wealth Management 

We have developed a process to discuss, analyze, and help implement the many wealth management decisions a financially successful executive might have to act upon over the course of their lives. Wealth management issues we help advise on include; Retirement Planning, Risk Planning, Estate and Charitable Gifts, Taxes, Income Planning, College Funding, Debt Planning and other areas. We are especially active in helping our clients analyze their executive benefits and company retirement plans; how to best use them while working, and how to generate passive and dependable income from them after retirement.

Financial Advisor/President

William (Willy) R. Gevers is a financial advisor with Gevers Wealth Management, LLC, a firm specializing in retirement &...

Financial Advisor

Professional Experience

Garrett joined Gevers Wealth Management as an analyst in 2016, and also served as an intern...

Financial Advisor

Professional Experience

As a Financial Advisor, Trey helps develop and build comprehensive and customized wealth...

Client Services Associate

Anna Williams joined Gevers Wealth Management in 2017. She graduated magna cum laude with a math degree from Liberty...

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