Your career at Amazon has brought you financial wealth.

It has also brought complexity and a growing time commitment to properly manage your finances.

You have worked hard in your career at Amazon, and through dedication, long hours, and taking more than a few risks you have built a successful career. It has been a financially rewarding journey, but it has brought complexity. You may have multiple investments accounts, frequent and growing RSU vests, varying tax payments, while working toward multiple goals of retirement, new real estate purchases, college funding, and trips.

To maximize the many financial benefits that Amazon offers and turn them into financial success and freedom takes more dedication, time, and risk management.

Amazon employees look to Gevers Wealth Management first.

Our goal is to free up your time and optimize your finances, so they are working toward your goals. Whether it's an early retirement, your next career move, or starting your own business we have experience walking Amazon employees through each unique situation. We help you manage your investments, optimize your stock grants, and reduce taxes.


Maximizing And Simplifying Your Finances As An Amazonian


Amazon RSU Planning


Amazon stock provides a majority of compensation for many Amazon employees, and we provide comprehensive front to back planning of how to manage them. From taxes and diversification to budgeting, we make sure the value of your RSUs is maximized for you.

Financial Planning


We build financial plans around the unique finances and opportunities of you as an Amazon employee, and your frequent and growing stock awards. Your unique compensation and investments create opportunities to organize, and leverage finances to improve the success of your goals.

Investment Management & 401(k)

We allow financial science and academia to lead our investment management for you. By reducing costs and taxes, and properly allocating through asset classes we can optimize your investment portfolio to pursue your goals. We also are experienced with intricacies of Amazon's 401(k) plan including the famed "Mega backdoor Roth contribution".