Empowering your business today, while preparing your finances for the next phase.

Being a successful business owner makes your financial, tax, and investment needs different than other successful individuals. Your company is your most valuable financial asset, and this value is often locked up until a sale. These factors make finding the balance between meeting the financial needs of your business and building your personal finances a challenge. We are ready to face that challenge with you, and we are skilled at serving the financial needs of business owners.

Focusing on your finances so you can focus on your business.

Being an entrepreneur often requires you to spend a lot of time on your company's finances, while often sacrificing the time needed for your personal finances. At Gevers Wealth we have helped highly successful entrepreneurs manage their finances and free up time to focus on what matters to them for over 25 years.


How We Optimize and Simplify Finances for Business Owners


Investment and Tax Strategies for Personal Finances


Personal Financial Success does not need to be ignored for the financial success of your company. We build and manage tax and investment plans specialized to take advantage of the opportunities that exist for small business owners. Building diversification into investments and income streams is important for small business owners, and as a small business owner you have special tax planning options available to you.

Business Sale and Transition Planning


It is never too early to start preparing for a business transition or sale. The sale of a business is a lifechanging financial event. Even decades in the future, the sooner you begin to plan for the money and taxes that come with that sale the better prepared you will be for both.

Simplify and Automate your Personal Finances

Simplifying and automating the complex and time draining parts of your finances is at the core of our financial plan for you. The finances of a business owner are far more complex than for most and simplifying them to make it trackable and understandable is a top priority. Equally as important is automating and streamlining any needed financial actions to free up time to focus it where you want.