Your Career has Earned You Wonderful Financial Benefits.

These benefits also differentiate your finances.

A career as a Federal employee provides you with a TSP, FERs Pension with COLA, and health benefits that are different and separate your finances from private sector employees. These financial assets require a different approach to be successful when planning toward and in retirement.

Federal Employees Turn to Gevers Wealth Management First.

Using our experience and expertise in serving Federal Employees to maximize their finances and retirement is our primary focus at Gevers Wealth Management.

Whether you are in retirement, about to retire, or building toward it, we are here to help you maximize your finances and life around the benefits offered to Federal Employees.


How We Help Federal Employees Maximize Their Finances in Retirement


Financial Planning


We build comprehensive financial plans focused on using your financial assets to reach your goals. The saving and spending goals of Federal employees often vary widely from those of a private workplace employee.

Investment Management


We manage custom investment strategies to be paired with the other unique financial assets in a Federal Employee's life. Back by Noble Prize-winning research, our investment process is based on financial science and risk management but is customized to be paired with the finances of a Federal employee.

Tax and Estate Coordination

We work in partnership with our client's CPA to ensure the tax reporting and planning process is simple but effective. We also partner with our client's estate attorney to develop a strong estate plan.