We work individually and personally with each client to help design a portfolio that has the goal of providing dependable retirement income, future protection against loss of purchasing power through inflation, and a tolerable level of volatility or principal risk. We may use a broadly diversified allocation plan using many different types of assets to try and achieve that goal.

The goal of the investment process is to design and maintain an investment portfolio to create dependable retirement income and to protect against loss of purchasing power to inflation with a tolerable level of risk. We meet with our clients on a regular basis, and are available to review and provide education about their investments, the markets and the economy.

Portfolios are rebalanced and changes made as is believed necessary on an ongoing basis. Investments are typically no-load and commission free. Institutional class or lowest cost alternatives including ETF’s, index and/or no-load funds are utilized as possible. We are a completely independent firm free of any pressure to sell any particular investment. Our investment services are generally offered on an advisory or fee basis. We believe that every retiree has three financial risks that they may be subject to; principal risk, income risk (the risk of running out of income during retirement), and inflation risk (the risk that your money will lose its purchasing power). Our goal is to try to help our clients with an overall plan and portfolio to try and protect against each of these three financial risks.

We acknowledge that these are very unusual and precarious economic times we live in, and we try to both keep ourselves and our clients updated on how to best try and understand and respond to global monetary policy.