Our Clients

The families and individuals we are privileged to work with are often working in a management or executive position or have retired from one. Financial assets advised by us are usually in the $500k to $5M range, or sometimes much more. Our clients will often have larger or complex retirement benefits including large 401(k) plans, executive deferred comp., qualified and non-qualified pensions, stock options or restricted stock, or other executive retirement benefits.

Our Clients’ Concerns & Goals

  • Maintaining their financial security and lifestyle
  • Creating a well-organized financial and investment plan to allow themselves to better enjoy their retirement years.
  • To protect and provide for their loved ones and themselves.
  • Spending time with their family.
  • Good health now and in the future.
  • For those not yet retired: Accumulating sufficient assets, benefits, and future dependable and passive retirement income so that they can retire or have the financial freedom to make work optional.

Our Concerns for our Clients: Quantitative

  • Longevity and retirement income.
  • Appropriate and prudent portfolio withdrawal amounts.
  • Accumulation Strategies to create future diversified streams of retirement income
  • Expected versus historical portfolio rates of return
  • Diversification strategies in a fluid and global economy
  • Allocation strategies to try and protect from excessive money creation and potential higher inflation.
  • Maintaining and estimating appropriate levels of portfolio risk.
  • Helping clients keep their portfolios and financial decisions up to date in an ever changing tax and legal environment.
  • Long term viability of pension/defined benefit/Social Security programs and possible impact on retirement security.
  • Impact of health and long term care costs on retirement plan.

Our Concerns for our Clients: Qualitative & Social

  • Goals and Purpose for retirement years.
  • Maintaining a prudent balance between the need to preserve assets for the future versus meeting present life goals and spending desires.
  • Maintaining vibrant health through exercise and good health habits.
  • Proper planning for issues of aging and inheritance – stewardship of financial assets and control in the latter stages of retirement, trust and trustee planning, and strategies for minimizing taxes, strengthening family relationships, and giving back to the community through a well thought out estate and gifting plan.